Ilkka Kakko had a keynote speech in Seats2Meet Global Partner Conference

Ilkka Kakko was invited to have a keynote speech in Seats2Meet Global Partner Conference in Utrecht, Netherlands. The main message of the presentation was that emergent competence platforms are urgently needed when building up global freelancer ecosystems. A well designed platform with enough critical mass will help increase the dynamics and interaction and hence support new idea creation and implementation of emergent ideas. Ilkka’s presentation can be downloaded here.





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About The Author
llkka is an experienced visionary with a very diverse professional background. He has worked in managerial positions in big industrial companies and in a public innovation intermediary organization. He has also multiple experiences as an entrepreneur or a major shareholder and board member in several business fields like consultancy, financial services, leisure and creative industries and MLM marketing. Ilkka has served as a board member in several publicly quoted companies in Finland.

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