Karostech made a deal to consult a disruptive heat management company in Finland – PolarSol is taking a huge leap towards global launch

Karostech made an agreement on February to help a Joensuu based manufacturing company, which is specialized in designing and producing solar-air heating systems, in their business development, marketing and value chain creation. Erik Raita and Ilkka Kakko – the senior consultants in Karostech – have worked now three months in order to improve the business of PolarSol. In this time Karostech has organized numerous meetings with potential customers, opinion leaders and collaboration partners and the feedback from all these meetings has been very positive. Here we are really launching, together with our customer PolarSol , a disruptive heat management system!



Karostech Ltd
About The Author
llkka is an experienced visionary with a very diverse professional background. He has worked in managerial positions in big industrial companies and in a public innovation intermediary organization. He has also multiple experiences as an entrepreneur or a major shareholder and board member in several business fields like consultancy, financial services, leisure and creative industries and MLM marketing. Ilkka has served as a board member in several publicly quoted companies in Finland.

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