According to our strategy to operate as a node for the strong expert network, Karostech has offered our Swedish partner Evert Jonsson the opportunity to contribute in our cooperation with the Innovative nautical architecture and aircraft industry regional cluster of Khabarovsk district of Russian Federation, for details see

In frame of the ongoing cooperation Evert gave in the end of July a presentation related to the development of the industrial parks with the specific focus in building a turbine industry cluster based on the existing production facilities. The presentation was held during the strategic development session organized by the Centre for Strategic Research North-West.



Karostech has recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Innovative nautical architecture and aircraft industry regional cluster of Khabarovsk district of Russian Federation.


In addition to the local industry and regional development bodies among the members of the cluster there are such organizations as Ministries of Industry and Trade and Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Russian Venture Company, RosNano, etc.

The agreement aims at the development of the regional innovation ecosystem built around strong local expertise in shipbuilding and airspace industries. The main focus of the cooperation is the development of a modern science and technology park as well as activating professional communities both on local and global level.

See the news about the agreement from the official website of the Cluster.

Located in Saint Petersburg, Center for Strategic Research North-West is one of the leading consulting companies in Russia focusing on regional development strategies and innovation system development. Our cooperation with CSR NW has started back in 2009. Since then we’ve participated in a number of CSR’s projects providing market surveys and reports on specific innovation related topics and also presenting at various conferences, forums and seminars organized by CSR around Russia. Our contribution has mostly focused on innovation communities, third generation of science parks and building knowledge ecosystems. The geography of this fruitful cooperation includes such remote locations as Khabarovsk in Russian Far-East as well as Khanty-Mansijsk and Krasnoyarsk regions in Siberia.

Our experts were invited to give presentations at the “Instruments of the cluster policy” seminar on April 24, organized by The Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM in Skolkovo Business School, Moscow.

The topic of Ilkka Kakko’s speech was “Innovative infrastructure of clusters. Technoparks 3.0.”. Erik Raita presented about the role of innovation communities in cluster policy.

Click here to find more info about the event and download presentations.

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