Please find here a comprehensive, 178 page report published by The Parliament of Finland describing the 100 radical technologies, their potential impact on our society and a method for evaluating the impact of radical technologies. One of the authors is a member of Karostech’s partner network  – Mr. Risto Linturi. Thanks Risto et al of this valuable report.


Institute for the Future and Research Triangle Park published a comprehensive scenario report ”The Future Knowledge Ecosystems – The Next 20 Years of Technology- Led Development”. The objective of the report was to give guidelines for the further development of innovation intermediaries like science and technology parks, universities and regional development organizations.

Ilkka Kakko participated in the process as a member of an international online expert panel, which developed future scenarios based on the weak signals available.  As a result three scenarios were created:

  1. Science and Technology Parks 3.0
  2. Rise of Research Clouds
  3. The Decline of STPs

Participation to this work was an important move from Karostech’s competence building perspective. It gave us the insight to the latest methodologies used in the technology foresight field and helped us to widen our network reach to the leading foresight experts in the world.

The report can be downloaded in

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