Karostech’s Founder Ilkka Kakko was invited to prepare a paper and make a presentation at UNESCO/WTA International Training Workshop in Daejeon, Korea. The audience of 150 people consisted mainly of science park managers, highly ranked governmental officers and representatives of academic institutions, mainly from the developing countries, in which the economy is booming.

The response was positive, Ilkka received straight away invitations to have a training day in Korea on November and also to visit Mongolia as a keynote speaker in their annual Innovation Forum this year.

You can download the paper here and the presentation here.


Karostech’s Founder and Partner Ilkka Kakko has contributed the UNESCO mission in Czech Republic. It was his first mission as certified UNESCO science park management consultant (see details here). The task force conducted the field study and submitted a technical report about the further development activities regarding to Nupharo Technology Park.  Nupharo is a new STP initiative strongly supported by the Czech government and big global corporations like ABB, Cisco, E.oN and Philips. Nupharo Technology Park will focus actively on smart energy and DC technologies in partnership with leading global universities in the field. The first premises will open by the end of 2014 on the highway Berlin – Prague about an hour drive from Prague.

Founder and Partner Ilkka Kakko has qualified to become an independent UNESCO certified science park management and innovation environment consultant. This is a result of a process which started  at UNESCO-WTA International Training Workshop in Korea a couple of months ago. Ilkka has presented there our 3GSP (Third Generation Science Park) concept and this presentation raised strong interest among the decision-makers in science parks and regional development organizations in different countries. After negotiations and some qualification tests, Mr. Kakko was qualified this week.

Ilkka Kakko’s first mission as an independent UNESCO certified science park management consultant begins on the week 50 (mid-December) in Prague, Czech Republic.






Karostech’s Founder and Partner Ilkka Kakko participated as an invited expert in the International Training Workshop titled “R&BD 3.0: S&T Parks in the Creative Economy” on 24th – 27th September 2013 in Daejeon, Korea.

“The 2013 Workshop will extend WTA’s emphasis on research/business ecosystems, to encompass the rise of the creative economy. Games, video production, and product design are just a few of the creative industries that have made new connections with the more traditional high tech areas of information tech and software. All are shaped by trends to open innovation, the targeting of messages (including advertising) via social networks, and the movement of high-tech manufacturers into services. The new creative industries do not need large corporate campuses, and tend to employ younger people. They locate in urban areas, changing the geography of the technopolis, creating new links between suburbs and urban core, and potentially even revitalizing cities.” 

Ilkka Kakko’s paper and presentation was titled “The Fundamentals of Third Generation Science Park Concept” and it describes the 3GSP concept developed by Karostech Ltd  during the last few years. The content of the paper resonates very well with the challenges new STPs are facing, especially in the field of the Creative Economy.  The main topics in his paper are as following:

”The Rise of Research Clouds”  

3GSP (Third Generation Science Parks) concept                      UNESCO WTA Final Dinner

The Importance of Communities 

Serendipity  Management

Two Cases from Finland 

Ilkka Kakko’s  presentation can be viewed here.


The event offered  a great opportunity to elaborate the challenges, which STP world is facing, especially in developing countries. The invitation and active participation in the event did acknowledge also the global expertise of Karostech in the area of  science park management. It also enabled Karostech to extend its business relations to the policy makers, governmental officials and STP managers in the countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Egypt, Taiwan, Mongolia, Colombia, Taiwan, Japan, Nigeria, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Philippines and Korea.

Dinner, 2013-09-26 18.52.52UNESCO WTA speech

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